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My Approach

My approach with each individual is person centred and my focus is to build a trusting, respectful, supportive relationship with each mentee (this could be the young person or a parent or caregiver, depending on individual needs). Through focused sessions I am able to support the mentee to build their confidence and self-esteem and help them to move onto their next steps in life, be it in education, employment, socially, emotionally or whatever is required.

Over the many years I have practiced, I have worked with young people who are experiencing difficulties including anxiety, ADHD, long term health conditions, social anxiety, self-harm*, eating disorders*, OCD*, gender identity*, depression and as an Autism Specialist I have supported and worked with many young people on the Autism Spectrum.

*I work with a holistic approach to each individual in conjunction with condition specific professionals.

As a parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum, I am able to completely empathise with parents of young people with all types of additional needs and offer lived experience as part of my mentoring strategies and support to young people and their families. My personal experience has helped me over the years to truly understand and connect with young people and families, to engage with them and support them through any difficulties they may be experiencing and help them onto the next chapter of their lives.

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