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Stuart Edwards

Assistant Headteacher (Director of Sixth Form)

Langley Park School for Boys

Jane worked for many years with students in our Sixth Form providing them with one to one support and mentoring.  I have always found Jane to set for herself the very highest standards of professionalism and always approached her role with a great deal of care and sensitivity. The number of students who benefitted from Jane’s support is impossible to calculate as she had a huge impact on so many.  There are very many examples of students who have gone onto wonderful careers and studied at the highest level at Universities like Oxford and Cambridge, their success is as a result of Jane’s support. I have never met a colleague who approaches her work with such passion and commitment.  Our Sixth formers continue to be very fortunate to have been supported by Jane over the years and we as a school are indebted to what she has done for us.

Liam, Client
Supported ages 11-18

Jane was one of the first people I met when I started at Langley Park School for Boys in the autumn of 2013 and was perhaps the one true constant in my secondary school career, being with me from the first day to the last, a journey which was decidedly bumpy at times, bumps I would have not overcome without her.

Jane was always there for me, and her advice and support was invaluable, both inside and outside the classroom. We would meet on a one-to-one basis regularly where she was a vital sounding board for my ideas, complaints, and worries.  Secondary school was not easy, but her presence made it a significantly smoother ride.

As the years went by and I (mostly!) grew up, the dynamic evolved, our meetings becoming more convivial, a weekly cup of tea and setting the world to rights. As the end of my seven years at Langley approached, she was able to help prepare me for the transition ahead.

After moving on from Langley, I achieved a degree in journalism from the University of Sheffield, an accomplishment I truly believe wouldn’t have been possible without Jane’s help, advice and support.

Put simply, any future young person or parent that has the pleasure of working with Jane will be incredibly lucky and their future will be all the better for it.

Hilary, Mother

Jane worked with our son for some years leading up to and throughout his GCSEs and A Levels.  She not only supported our son but supported us too!  Jane was able to communicate with Matthew in a way that few could.  She was able to be firm when he needed boundaries; she showed great compassion and understanding when he was just unable to cope.  Matthew would not have achieved the fantastic grades he did, had it not been for Jane.  Not only did Jane support his learning but took his mental health extremely seriously, it is not all about grades!!  We have so much to thank her for as a family.  Jane managed to get Matthew (and me!) through some extremely challenging times, and always did it with a smile!  Jane genuinely cares about the students and families she supports. Both Matthew and I will be eternally grateful to have been supported by this wonderful lady.  

Julie, Mother

I have known Jane since September 2013 when my son began at Langley Park School for Boys. Liam had a diagnosis of ASD and she worked with him as his ‘keyworker’ during his time at the school.

She immediately contacted me to introduce herself and Liam had a contact book that allowed Jane and myself to keep each other updated on Liam’s day to day school life as well as any relevant developments at home. From day one Jane was always accessible and made it clear that her role extended to supporting me as a parent as well as helping Liam in the classroom.

Jane supported Liam academically, helping him to better understand the curriculum and stay focused, even when the work was a struggle or not of interest to him. Jane would also liaise with Liam’s teachers and advocate for him, helping them to better understand his needs and how they could support him.

Outside of the classroom, Jane displayed an understanding of Liam’s thought processes and was always aware of when he was becoming frustrated.  As challenges arose, the relationship grew stronger, and Jane and I had regular phone calls to discuss strategies and share our perspectives.

In addition, when Liam was diagnosed with ADHD, she worked with me to put together reports and even took time to attend diagnostic meetings with Liam and I.

Jane was an important and invaluable part of Liam’s school life as well as such a great support to me that we are still in contact to this day.

N, Client
Supported ages 16-19

Thank you so much for working with me for the past couple years. You often supported me when I felt unable to voice my problems alone, and definitely helped me feel heard, understood and supported as a person with ASD. Not only that, but when I was feeling down or panicky, you always did your best to support and talk to me, and I’m really grateful for this, especially as my friends went off to uni and I could not reach out to them for support.

K, Mother
Supported ages 16-18

Jane was a huge help to our family when our autistic son, A, moved schools for A Levels.  The transition was always going to be difficult for him but her weekly mentoring sessions really helped to 'anchor' him in his new surroundings - he always had someone to ask for help and advice while he settled in.  A takes time to get used to new people, but Jane was quickly able to build a strong bond with him and she was someone he really trusted throughout the two years - and we did too!  Jane was just a phone call away and we really appreciated her support and guidance on everything from academic work, social skills, a UCAS application and particularly during a period when A was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks.  I don't know what we would have done without her help those two years!  Thank you, Jane!

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